First Chapter Webinar:      Wednesday Dec 2nd at 1pm ET

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Title: “Social Network Analysis on Cray’s Urika to Discover Roles of Information Flow”

Presenter: Mike Hinchey

Presenter Bio:

Mike Hinchey is a Solutions Architect for Cray’s Analytics Products Group, where he works with customers to explore their data and demonstrate the possibilities of various analytic technologies on big data.  He specializes in the use of graph algorithms, Sparql, SQL and Spark.


With the advent of social media and with more people sharing more personal information online nowadays, it is now possible to gain insight into social activities that until now was very hard. Social Network Analytics is a powerful technique that allows researchers to bring together data from a multitude of online sources and to use this data to discover hidden relationships. In particular, it is now possible to discover communities of users with interest in a specific topic or to identify users according to the role that they may play within their social hierarchy eg: originators, key influencers, rebroadcasters, connectors etc.

At Cray, we have a long history of doing relationship analytics using very specialized tools and platforms for this purpose. In this seminar, we intend to discuss and demonstrate the use of new generation analytic techniques based on Hadoop and Spark on Twitter data to find communities of users that discuss certain topics like sports or consumer electronics and identify key users that play a role in that community.

Webinar Registration is now Closed.